Cowtown Waiver of Liability Release

All players must sign the Waiver of Liability Release

All players who participate in the Cowtown Soccer League are in agreement to exempt, waive and relieve “releasees” from liability for personal injury, property damage, and wrongful death, including if caused by negligence of “releasees,” to include Cowtown Soccer and White Settlement Veterans Park, its affiliate associations, local associations, member teams, even hosts, other participants, coaches, officials, sponsors, advertisers, and each of them, their officers, directors, agents and employees. Upon signing the COWTOWN SOCCER Waiver of Liability Release Assumption of Risk & Indemnity Agreement, participants acknowledge, understand and assume all risks relating to soccer and any member team activities, and understand that soccer and member team activities involve risks to participant’s person including bodily injury, partial or total disability, paralysis and death, and damages which may arise.

All Players who participate in the league do so with the knowledge that they MUST HAVE THEIR OWN PERSONAL HEALTH INSURANCE COVERAGE or they should not agree to play.

Download the waiver here.